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Information for HOUWEL research and interview participants

Welcome to HOUWEL! Benvenuti! Welkom! ようこそ! Bine ați venit! Willkommen!

We are very pleased that you are considering participating in the HOUWEL project and we hope you will enjoy the experience!  We also hope you will follow our activities and find the results of the project interesting! This page is meant to give an a better idea about what participating in a HOUWEL interview means. HOUWEL interviews are conducted as part of the subproject Meanings and Practices.

The project relies primarily on interview data. That means your cooperation and openness will be what makes this project a success. Your experiences in negotiating day to day activities and more important instances of life planning will inform our understanding and shape the findings of this project.

During the interview we will ask you about how and why you came to live in the house you currently live in, the roles of family relations in making housing decisions, and the meaning that your home has for you.