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HWPS No.11 |Manzo, L.K.C., Druta, O. & Ronald, R. (2016) | Supported Home Ownership and Adult Independence in Milan: The Gilded Cage of Family Housing Gifts and Transfers

This paper analyses practices of intergenerational support for homeownership among different generations of families in Milan, Italy. It makes use of an original dataset of qualitative interviews investigating homeownership pathways and the negotiations of support that they pre-suppose for Italian young adults.

The paper explores the meanings and moral reasonings behind the decision to accept (or not) support in context of contemporary discourses surrounding the liquidity and availability of housing and finance. It highlights the moral compromises and emotional negotiations inherent in the giving and receiving of support for housing, contributing to a body of literature concerned with the reproduction of homeownership in Italy. Furthermore, it stresses the importance of homes and housing assets in mediating dependence and re-affirming family bonds within a family oriented welfare context, despite conflict, resistance, and frustrated aspirations.